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Research Nursing and Healthcare Professions team

Meet our Senior Research Nursing and Healthcare Professions team.

Marie Nelson, R&D head of nursing and health professions, alongside lead matrons Jennifer Allison and Lisa Berry lead our research nursing and healthcare professions team.

This team of over 300 members includes research nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, clinical trial assistants and trial administrators.

They lead the delivery and conduct of high quality research at UHS, working in collaboration with researchers to enable our team to carry out research to the highest standards for the benefit of patients and healthy volunteers.

Our vision is to work with our partners at the leading edge of healthcare, realising the research potential in all areas of our hospital for the benefit of our patients and staff.

Our aspiration is that every clinical area will be engaged in high quality research and every patient and member of staff should have the opportunity to be part of a research study.


Marie Nelson

Head of nursing and health professions

Jennifer Allison

Matron - NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility

Lisa Berry

Lead research matron – phase I, vaccines and ATIMPs