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Facilities and infrastructure

NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility
The CRF is where the latest developments first enter the clinic, both from our own laboratories and from leading companies.
NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre
The BRC takes new discoveries, treatments and technologies into the clinic, using our unique tools, facilities and world-leading expertise.
Wessex Investigational Sciences Hub (WISH)
The WISH laboratory provides bespoke translational research services to regulatory standards.
Cancer research facilities
Our extensive cancer research facilities support new advances in knowledge, treatments and care to improve the lives of people with cancer.
Southampton Musculoskeletal Research Unit
Muscle, bone and joint conditions and injuries affect the lives of millions of people. We combine clinical services with research to better prevent and treat them.
LifeLab is a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory for school students to learn the science behind health messages.
Southampton Emerging Therapies and Technologies (SETT) Centre
The SETT Centre catalyses research and innovation focused on NHS needs in emerging areas with vanguard potential for clinical service development and substantial growth opportunity.
Southampton Centre for Research Engagement & Impact (SCREI)
The remit and aim of SCREI is to ensure that our research engages effectively with those intended to benefit from, use or enable its outcomes, across public, NHS workforce, policy and industry groups.
R&D Central Office
The R&D Central Office provides research management and governance support for UHS research. The office works closely with the equivalent functions in the University of Southampton and R&D management and governance colleagues in Wessex.
Southampton Academy of Research (SoAR)
SoAR aims to nurture the potential of our research workforce to drive the next generation of clinical discoveries, enabling them to advance knowledge and improve healthcare.
Research Nursing and Healthcare Professions team
Marie Nelson, R&D head of nursing and health professions, alongside lead matrons Jennifer Allison and Lisa Berry lead our research nursing and healthcare professions team.