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Southampton Academy of Research (SoAR)

SoAR supports health professionals and scientists in Southampton to explore and pursue a career that incorporates health-related research.

It provides a focal point for career development and training for those who aspire to, or already work in, biomedical and applied health research. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, midwife, allied health professional, pharmacist, healthcare scientist, or health research-related scientist, SoAR can help you.

The team guide you through your options in research, and signpost to people who can offer advice or be a mentor. They also highlight events, funding and training opportunities for people at every stage of their career.

Research Fellows

As part of our infrastructure to support research, we support a number of research fellow positions through the organisation. The research fellows work closely with our Chief and Principal Investigators and research nursing and health profession teams to deliver our portfolio of world leading research.

If you are interested in developing a research fellow position, please contact Dr Kristin Veighey, SoAR associate director, UHS R&D Department, at

I would recommend it to everyone. Wherever you are in your life and your career, if you are passionate about research, go for it. I think in Southampton there is a real commitment and real drive to help the likes of us who are just coming on that path, and it’s a fantastic place to be.